XO driver for RAMA WORKS

XO driver is the outcome of the Product Analysis and Construction course. The exercise aimed to redesign a standard off-the-shelf screwdriver into a refurbishment-capable product based on a particular brand.

Story: keyboards to screwdrivers

RAMA WORKS make high-end keyboards and allows users to assemble their keyboards with a great amount of personalisation. They also offer accessories that revolve around the usage of keyboards. Therefore an electric screwdriver would be an evolutionary addition to their portfolio.


The sticker problem

During disassembly, it was a struggle to open the screwdriver. After minutes of our surgical attempts to open it, we noticed we had missed out on a screw hiding under the sticker. It made us realise how vital understandability is to make product repair or refurbishment tolerable.

Visual identity

Form simplicity, contrasting materials, transparency and emphasised branding are the design language essentials considered while conceptualising the XO driver.


Tabletop configuration for precision

A linear form is ergonomically suitable for tabletop operations requiring precision, in this case assembling keyboards consisting of small components.


Integrated design

The power button is integrated into the body for easier assembly. Battery indicators make use of the already available transparency. The number of parts has been reduced by incorporating features into the structure.


Semantics of transparency

Transparency makes the internal components visible, thereby asserting a certain value to them. Hence, the screwdriver is perceived as more than just a piece of plastic. It becomes a device made up of components that can be repaired or replaced.


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